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          1. Alibaba | 中文版 | EngLish
          2. 11 years electric adjustable bed manufacturing experience, and more than 20 years adjustable furniture manufacturing experience
          3. Our products were sold overseas, and we establish stable cooperation with head retail brands. The annual output of electric adjustable beds reaches 150,000 pieces.
          4. We have 29 registered R&D patents and have a large design reserve
          5. All products have passed 25000 load-bearing tests, and the production process is in strict accordance with the relevant system requirements, and has passed many certifications including TUV, UL, SGS, etc
          6. Jiaxing Rondure Intelligent Furniture Co., LTD. TEL:+86-573-82215722    Fax:+86-573-82283136
            Add:166-2 Duoyuan Road, Wangjiangjing Town, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

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